Gay pornstars Will Braun at Str8 To Gay

‘Str8 To Gay’ brings us up to date with all the latest technology thanks to The world has come a long way since the telephone was first invented, and then there was the computer which changed the world as we see it. It also changed how we find dates.
This hardcore, first episode of a great new series, stars Will Braun and Dimitri Kane.
will braun
Dimitri Kane lives in New York and has been through all the dating sites on line and fucked all the men that are on them who are within walking distance. He has also gone through all the new apps that are about these days. But a new app has come his way, he’s decided to go onto a straight dating app and he swipes through to see who he is matched up with and up comes Braun’s photos and statistics. They start to chat and, even though Will is straight, they have found out they live in the same building. Before Dimitri has even sent his next message to Will, there is a knock on the door. Dimitri is more than pleased to see him but can’t believe he got there so quickly. Will comes in slightly nervous saying he’s never done anything like this before (it’s amazing how many so called straight men say this).
gay pornstars
They get closer and their moist soft lips kiss. Will is enjoying his first male kiss as Dimitri’s hand goes under his top. He flicks his left nipple with his finger as his tongue slips into Will’s hot mouth. Will is already in ecstasy but not sure what to do next as Dimitri takes his top off and kisses his naked flesh… All the way down until he is kneeling between Will’s legs. Dimitri tells him not to worry as he pulls Will’s growing erection out of his pants. Slowly, he strokes on it and starts to suck on it, Will’s nerves disappear and all he can think about is the hot wet mouth wrapped around his cock. He is more than enjoying himself when Dimitri stands up and they kiss a bit more and then get naked when Dimitri suggests that Will eat his ass out. He’s not too sure about it but agrees to it. Dimitri bends over offering his asshole to him as Will gets down behind him and rims his tight sensitive crack, and strokes his cock at the same time. Dimitri can’t believe this is his first time and begins to groan with pleasure as Will sticks his finger into him, and slaps his firm ass cheeks. Dimitri wants Will’s cock inside him, and Will is ready to give it to him.

Dimitri stays on his hands and knees and Will’s slides his cock in with no problem and fucks him doggy style. Both young men groan out loud as Will pumps his cock in and out of Dimitri’s tight, warm asshole.
After a few minutes Will sucks on his first ever cock and loves its musky, sweaty taste, before he goes back to fucking Dimitri’s sweet ass again in the missionary position. Dimitris Kane jerks on his raging hard-on until his cum spurts out over his body and dribbles down his hand over his pumping fist. Will Braun – read more here – move up his body and sends thick globs of his pearly white spunk onto Dimitri’s tattooed chest.
Mr. Braun is this year’s new exclusive model to the paysite and this is his eleventh flick with so far. He’s young and he’s good looking with a smooth chest. His last movie was ‘My Best Friends Husband Part 3’, which also starred Johnny Rapid, another exclusive to the paysite . Will is versatile with a seven inch cut cot, he has brown hair, blue eyes and is five feet six inches tall.
This is Dimitri Kane’s introduction to Gaypornstarstube and it won’t be his last movie. He is a natural in front of the camera and has a great body and a few tattoos. He is a versatile top with a lovely eight inch cut cock and a wonderful tight ass. He is five foot eight inches with brown hair and smouldering brown eyes, he’s hot stuff and he’s going to burn you up.

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