Drill my hole video with Mr. Braun

Will Braun is six foot tall with an eight inch cock. He is very good looking. He is working with Rogan Richards who has tattoos, piercings, and also an eight inch cock of his own.
Rogan is hard at work and has a white shirt with a black tie on. He is sitting at his desk writing an email to Will. Instead of working Will is checking out the hunks at the paysite. He finds a video he likes and hits the play button. He begins jerking himself as he watches this video. Rogan walks back and catches him in the act. He seems to be a little angry at first but naughty thoughts soon take over.
will braun
The men start kissing and taking off their cloths. Will Braun takes Rogan’s hard cock into his mouth. They are also touching each other and Rogan is playing with Will’s nipples as he continues to suck on him. Rogan has both of his nipples pierced and Will moves to them. Then he goes back to Rogan’s hard cock. While Rogan is being sucked off he reaches behind Will and starts to jerk him off. Rogan then has Will lie down on his back. He continues to touch his cock and begins to finger his ass. Will then gets his turn to be sucked on. He then bends Will over his desk chair and begins to give his ass a real good and hard ramming. He then releases his load. Will who is being jerked off at the same time allows himself to release as well. The men then work out an arrangement where they can still have some fun but will still be able to work in the same office with each other.
This is a great alternative for being punished for jerking off while on the job.